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Queen City of the Plains

“The City of Denver occupies a unique position among the Capitals of the World. Located one mile above the level of the sea, commanding a majestic view of the highest of Rocky Mountain peaks, it is indeed a city of inspiration. Colorado is not only marvelously rich in gold, silver, lead and other minerals, but also is a wonderful farming, grazing, fruit growing and manufacturing country, all of which logically conspire to the prosperity of Denver, its beautiful capital.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. When Denver arose as a bustling cosmopolitan in the late 19th century it became known as the Queen City of the Plains, and we wanted to make a sake to honor the majesty of the city. This dry, full bodied sake with hints of lychee and melon pays tribute to the majesty of this great city.

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El Colorado

Ours is a state of magnificent vistas and impressive landscapes, ranging from Rocky Mountains to great plains. It was Spanish explorers that first gave the title “Rio Colorado” to our namesake river, and from the red sandstone soil to the striking sunsets, this state truly lives up to its name. Colorado literally means “colored red” and we wanted to create a sake that embodied this description. Think complex - cider apples, earth, nuts, and charcuterie as you enjoy this cidery/savory sake brewed with a unique blend of yeasts that give it its sunset color.

Seasonal Sakes

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Inspired by the massive Ice Palace that was erected in the city of Leadville in 1896, each winter our brave band of explorers travel into the mountains to an undisclosed location and harvest the snow that is the foundation of this seasonal sake. The Norman style castle housed a ballroom, 180 foot skating rink, restaurant, theatre, toboggan runs and a carousel. We wanted to make sake that celebrated this Colorado legend…a magnificent structure that shone bright for a short time, and then melted away into the warm spring. This dry, fruity ginjo sake should evoke the feeling standing amongst the Ice Palace wonders and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

Batch Tasting Notes

LSQ14 - Notes of banana and lychee

LSQ15 - Strong fruit notes

LSQ16 - Floral nose with hints of anise and cola nut

LSQ17 - Floral nose with notes of pear and green grass

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Palisade Peach

The town of Palisade grows some of the best peaches in the United States. We took these fantastic peaches and fermented them in our sake. The delicate flavor of the peaches plays well with the notes of lyche and smooths out the sake’s dryness. 
Enjoy this treat!


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Cut of your Jib

We got together with the crafty brewers at Grandma's House Brewery and helped craft this unusual brew. After some experimentation we married a fantastic helles lager with our Queen City to produce a light, easy sipping, refreshing beverage that brings out the best parts of both brews. Like the tides it goes in and out of the tap room, but it sails straight, and we sure like the cut of its jib.

Jackalope Milk Teeth_61A2168.jpg

Colorado Honey Sake Ice Cream

We tried our hand at making ice cream and failed, so we took our idea to the experts. We collaborated with the award winning Sweet Action Ice Cream to make Colorado Honey Sake! It combines the sweetness of honey and a sharpness from our Queen City of the Plains sake with a clean finish!

It goes pretty quickly so when the put it out head down fast before it is all gone :)


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Old Mose

Old Mose was one of the last of the Colorado’s grizzly bears. Nicknamed “The King of the Grizzlies,” he stood at 8’6” tall and weighed a hefty 1,300 pounds. He also had a bit of a violent streak. During his reign of terror in Central and Southern Colorado, he killed everything in his path, including three men and over 800 head of cattle. Inspired by his legend, we combined forbidden black rice, the darkest cherries we could find, and a dash of dark magic (science) to bring this flavorful sake to life.

Here’s to the fallen villains! Here’s to Old Mose!

Jackalope Milk Teeth_61A2168.jpg
Jackalope Milk Teeth_61A2168.jpg

Jackalope Teeth milk

Warning: It is incredibly dangerous to milk a jackalope and any attempt to do so is not advised!

Have you ever caught sight of the elusive jackalope? This mysterious creature with a jackrabbit body and antelope horns has been hiding out somewhere in the isolated plains for decades. Our dear friend and collaborator Izaiah D Buseth was brave enough to venture into the vast plains of Northern Colorado determined to return with milk of the jackalope (a legendary aphrodisiac). While the details of his adventure will forever remain a secret, his mission was a success. This horchata tribute to the jackalope is made from the pressed rice of the LSQ and a secret recipe that may or may not include its mythical milk.