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Inspired by the massive Ice Palace that was erected in the city of Leadville in 1896, each winter our brave band of explorers travel into the mountains to an undisclosed location and harvest the snow that is the foundation of this seasonal sake. The Norman style castle housed a ballroom, 180 foot skating rink, restaurant, theatre, toboggan runs and a carousel. We wanted to make sake that celebrated this Colorado legend…a magnificent structure that shone bright for a short time, and then melted away into the warm spring. This dry, fruity ginjo sake should evoke the feeling standing amongst the Ice Palace wonders and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

Batch Tasting Notes

LSQ14 - Notes of banana and lychee

LSQ15 - Strong fruit notes

LSQ16 - Floral nose with hints of anise and cola nut

LSQ17 - Floral nose with notes of pear and green grass