What kind of #canibus pairs well with #sake?

What kind of #canibus pairs well with #sake?

Well that is a question I didn't think I would ever have to answer, but that is something that is going to come up in Colorado a lot more for many types of business.  

We were invited to share our sake with a sushi rolling and joint rolling class last night for a My 420 Tours event. It was a lot of fun and pretty informative as we aren't super knowledgeable about the new canibus market here in Denver. This is something we might want to explore...although food pairings would probably still work the best over smoke pairings for flavor combinations.  

The science is pretty interesting though and it is something, from a business and marketing standpoint, that we may want to explore as more events around town are starting to include a canibus item on their menus and canibus tourism is still booming. It was fascinating to hear that most of the people attending the event last night were from out of state. This may also be an interesting way to start selling out of state.  

If anyone has any insights or thoughts about this we'd love to hear them. 


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