303 Day 2018

303 Day (March 3 for you out-of-state folks) is becoming a pretty big deal these days. Lots of events and sales and local pride happens across the Denver metro area.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours chatting with William Stewart from Colorado Sake Co. today. It got me pretty excited for this year’s 303 Day in that we will have more than one local sake to celebrate with! We will both be participating in the Pacific Rim Premium Sake Tasting II event this coming Saturday (303 Day). I’m very excited to put our sakes next to some great sakes from all over Japan and in get them in front of sake lovers across the metro area...and beyond.

Slinging sake for Denverites

Slinging sake for Denverites

It is very exciting that the sake community is growing, not only locally, but nationally as well. The diversity of styles, techniques, and experimentation is fantastic.


the great folks at Colorado Sake Co.