b489c2c3-dbfa-4235-a04d-9dbf03e06855 It has been a crazy year full of starts and stops and we thank you all for taking the journey with us. We are still furiously navigating the legal system to get our sake out in the world, rebuilding our press (it worked, but can be better), working on new batches of the Leadville Snow Queen, Old Mose, and a sake beer concept with Grandma's House.

We still have a bit of the Palisade Peach sake. We wanted it as fresh as possible so we didn't pasteurize it. Since we won't be able to sell it any time soon, please come down to the brewery and sample it. Just drop us a line and we'll set up a time for you to come down and taste it.

We also got our site updated for ordering shirts. It was a small run so get yours before they're all gone :)

Thanks again for a great year! Have a great holiday season and a fantastic start to your 2015! Marc & Keith

2015 is going to be huge!

The Queen is Coming Soon

The Queen is Coming Soon