Still Hustlin

Hey kids! It has been a busy start to the year. We've been stockpiling sake(Queen City, Leadville Snow Queen, and Old Mose), working the legal system, building up the brewing space, trying out a new press idea, fermenting our part of the sake beer for our collaboration with Grandma's House, and reading lots of science books...oh and battling a nasty bug that has been floating around Denver knocking people out for days to weeks. But we're back now and working harder than ever! If all goes as planned (please cross your fingers for us) we will be through all the legal hoops (for this stage) and be able to start selling our sake to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores by the end of May. The direct retail plan is going to take a bit longer to figure out. But baby steps, right?

If you want to help, this petition by some local homebrewers may just let us sell in Grandma's tap room. Take a look at it and if you agree, please sign it.

We're also super excited to start working with local yeast cultivators Inland Island. They are a pair of super smart, super nice gents that will be helping us cultivate some of our successful yeast strains, and work with us to develop a few new ones. Science!