Works in progress...

Hey kids! It has been a crazy month.1. We moved into our space - Grandma's House Brewery 1710 South Broadway. Come down and have a beer! Maybe if you're nice we'll give you a taste of what we're working on :) 2. We built some work tables and are working on some fancy shelves. 3. We are completing our first batch, a Palisade Peach sake. If all goes as planned it will be naturally carbonated and ready to go in late November. 4. We started the first batch of Queen City of the Plains. It should be ready to go December 20th. 5. We're heading back to the Liquor Board for more talks. 6. We got a short run of shirts printed. They will be available for purchase soon! 7. Our site crashed so we're rebuilding it from scratch! (Thanks Rob!)

It has been a crazy ride getting everything up and going, but super fun. Here is what our 2014-2015 brewing schedule looks like so far. Peach Sake - Late November 2014 Queen City of the Plains - Late December 2014 Leadville Snow Queen - Shooting for February 2015 (Just waiting on the snow to get going) El Colorado - February 2015 Old Mose - April 2015 Cherry Blossom - April 2015


The Quest Continues

Here We Go!