Working Hard Through The Holidays

Hey folks, sorry for the silence lately. We have been working on a lot of things over the last few months. Still hustling to get our sake on the market and easier for you all to purchase. We've also been working on remodeling our space and building out a new koji room. We've also had a few setbacks that have taken us away from the brewery.

2016 was good to us and we hope 2017 will be even better. Marc is working on bringing back Old Mose (he thinks he found the secret ingredient), and we are revisiting the Jackalope Milk with our friend Izaiah. We've also been working with some artist friends on some new shirt ideas.

Thanks for all your help and support during the last year. It has really meant a lot to us. Have a great holiday season!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Denver Grampage 2016