Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Hope your week is starting off great! Ours is going pretty well. We got some great news yesterday that has us super jazzed...our friends over at Sweet Action Ice Cream are making a Colorado Honey Sake Ice Cream with some of our recent pressings. They haven't given us a release date yet, but keep your eye out for sure.

Speaking of pressings, we are currently bottling our recent batch of LSQ and will be restocking spots this week. And if it isn't at your favorite spot, tell them to order it! (or just let us know and we'll work our magic and get it in there)

We would also like to encourage you to head up to Westminster and check out Akihabara - Bar and Arcade. It is a super fun place with Japanese style arcade cabinets (with a rotating stock of games), as well as, fun cosplay parties and game tournaments. 

You can also join us at Cook Street on Thursday, March 23rd for a sushi making class and sake tasting. It is a super fun date night or a fun friend night out. Peep the details here.

Hope all is awesome with you and have a great week!

Colorado Fact
The word 'colorado' means 'colored' or 'colored red' in Spanish. The Colorado state was named after the Colorado River, which Spanish explorers named 'Río Colorado' (meaning 'colored river') for the red silt the river carried from the mountains

Sake Fact
There are names for situations where you drink sake. Drink it under a sakura tree during the hanami season and it’s called Hanami Zake (花見酒). Drink it with a Sakazuki during the New Year and it is called Toso (屠蘇). Drink it while admiring the full moon during the autumn and it is called Tsukimi Zake (月見酒). Drink it indoors while watching the snow fall and it is called Yukimi Zake (雪見酒).

Sake and Sushi with Cook Street

Working Hard Through The Holidays