GABF and new friends

The Great American Beer Festival, or GABF, is always a crazy weekend here in Denver. Brewers and beer enthusiasts from all over the world pack downtown Denver and it’s breweies with thousands of people.

We were fortunate to meet Luis Enrique De La Reguera from Cerveza Cru Cru when he was in town about a month ago. He came by the brewery to learn about our sake and taste the beers at Grandma's. Luckily there was a new person working the bar that day and Matt was out thrift store shopping, so Marc got to show him around and chat with him. He was in town working with Epic Brewing on a new collaboration beer, a gose using crickets to add an earthy flavor and color to the beer. We're pretty excited to try it.


Well we also got to talking about sake and he mentioned that he knew the folks at Nami Sake, the only sake brewery in Mexico City...and I think the only one in Mexico. Of course we were very excited to learn more about it. Oh man were we excited to walk into the brewery this week and see this bottle just sitting on our desk. 

Nami Junmai

Nami Junmai

Man it is good! If you can find it anywhere in the states or get lucky enough to have someone bring you back some, DO IT!!! You will not be disappointed. It is light, clean, and dry. It is a very refreshing drink. I am going to have to spend some time doing research on it to pull some of the more subtle flavor notes, but it is good.

So after a long process of internet searching, we finally got a hold of Luis (thank you Instagram) and got to meet up with him and his crew of brewery palls from Mexico and thank him properly for his great gift. We bounced around from Spangalang to OMF to Ratio and ended the night at Bierstadt Lagerhaus chatting about beer, sake, how to get Mexican beer better representation at GABF...all through his pretty good English and my really bad Spanish. 

I can say that I've never been more excited to visit Mexico than I am now and I look forward to finding ways of getting their brews up north.


The only pic I got all night of the Mexican brewers. That's what you get for having too much fun.

Sake Tasting at The Denver Bicycle Cafe June 30th

Bike Cafe Event Graphic2
Bike Cafe Event Graphic2

We are very excited to be doing our next sake tasting with our friends at The Denver Bicycle Cafe! We love this place and the community it brings together.

Join us Thursday June 30 from 8-10pm at their new Beer Hall ( 1300 E 17th Avenue Denver, CO) where we will be tasting our Queen City, LSQ, and El Colorado sakes.

Hope to see you there!

The Queen is Coming Soon

Today we spent a lovely day in the mountains harvesting snow to make our latest batch of the LSQ. We were joined by our good friends Lenny, Lexi, Sean, and Kay. The weather was great and the snow was plenty. After finding a great spot we collected a 24 gallon bucket of snow, then we're treated to the best bbq at Chicken Hill BBQ. This is always one of our favorite part of the brewing season and we're looking forward to what kind of water this snow makes. Its always a gamble, but it makes some damn good sake.


Press test #1

IMG_4442.JPG We pressed the first batch of The Queen City of the Plains on Saturday. The press prototype still has a few kinks that we need to work out, but it works! The Queen is now sitting in secondary fermentation and should be ready for drinking by December 20th.

We have also gotten a huge dumping of snow and will be harvesting snow for the Leadville Snow Queen really soon.

Leadville Snow Queen - Barrel Aging Experiement

Leadville Snow Queen - Barrel Aged So this experiment went interestingly. We had some leftover Leadville Snow Queen that wouldn't clarify so we decided to let it sit for a few months...then we decided to try and "barrel" age it as an experiment. It was a hit with some and a flop with others. The medium French oak stave that we placed in it brought out some of the earthy flavors, added a bit of caramelness, and some hints of the oak. Those that enjoy whiskeys and scotches really enjoyed it. They loved that it held many of the characteristics of a short aged whiskey, but removed all of the burn. It is an interesting experiment that I would love to try again at an earlier stage of resting the sake. I may try this with a small portion of each batch going forward. I realize that aging sake is a rare occurrence, but I think the flavors would appeal to quite a few people. Let me know how you feel about it.

- Marc

The Quest Continues

  Grandma's Blonde Ale and an El Colorado Shot

I've always been interested in drop shots, especially the sake bomb. I always figured there had to be a better way to do it. I realized now that we share space with a brewery, I should try to work on this project again. The first attempt was the above photo. I paired Grandma's Blonde Ale with our El Colorado red sake...and it was darn tasty. The lightness of the blonde combined with the cider and fruit notes married very well together making the best sake bomb I'd ever tried. I'm excited to keep trying out different flavor combos and seeing what we can make.


Green lights all the way!

Looks like Denver is going to get it's own sake brewery after all! The Department of Revenue gave us the green light on Monday and we've jumped immediately into high gear. We're super excited to move into Grandma's House, a collective brewery space at 1710 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210. Not only will it be a great place to make sake, but it is a great neighborhood. We're still working through a few of the final details, but should hopefully be moved in and starting to brew by the end of September / beginning of October. We'll post our brew schedule soon. We just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far and we look forward to all the crazy months ahead! 

Marc & Keith